Crystals or gemstones are crystalline rocks sourced from Earth. Crystals can be found all over the world in colorful diversity and forms. They carry information and vibrate at very high frequencies. Each crystal is unique as none are the other alike. Crystals and their chemical composition are identified by their structure and mineral content. Crystals communicate their intentions to assist with dynamic shifts of awareness, creating an uplift to higher frequency while assisting in a transformational change for the Earth and all who live upon it.




Crystals are widely known for having personal healing properties and have been recognized to have the ability to heal, protect, manifest, transmute and transform energy as well as facilitating multidimensional journeying.

For thousands of years, crystals have been admired for their natural beauty, decorative and highly protective qualities. Formed millions and more years ago, all crystals are made up of a limited number of minerals that bond together differently to form various kinds of crystals. Whatever the shape and color, opaque or translucent, their crystalline structure can absorb, focus and emit energy.