Sound Healing & Gong Bath

Journey through the waves of sound during this sound healing experience. Allow your body and soul to travel through the infinite creative consciousness, find a calm and peace within. Relax and restore the body with instruments like the gong, crystal singing bowls, tibetan bowls, drums, rainsticks and chimes. This experience work on a deep level of consciousness and clears subconsciousness mind thoughts and patterns that no longer serves us. 

What is Sound Healing

Sound Healing is one of the world's oldest therapy for healing! Through healing vibrations, one can achieve harmony and balance within. 

Sounds and tones, from sound bowls, gongs and other high-frequency instruments create powerful vibrations that affect us through resonance. These influences all our bodies and affect us both physically, mentally and emotionally.

During a Sound Healing session, it is common to lie down on a yoga mat, covered in a blanket for comfort. With eyes closed, a sound healing session takes anywhere between 30 - 90 minutes (there are also longer sessions). The treatment is gentle and restorative, and the healing "takes care of itself". Results are achived right after treatment, but the healing vibration may continue to integrate up to a week.

Gong Bath  Sound Healing Journey


Sound Healing puts you in touch with yourself and is an investment in increased wellness and well-being! You can schedule a Sound Healing session with our without a Gong bath. Session are offered in Miami and surrounding areas and in Mallorca. For further information and prices email or send an inquiry.


The Gong is said to be the world's oldest instrument. Its vibration is said to contain the entire sound of the Universe, and in fact the frequency it vibrates in. 

A Gong bath is a relaxing journey of the self. Experienced laying down, the sound current of a Gong clears the subconscious mind of any and all clutter as well as strengthening the Aura and the body’s energetic field. A Gong bath can act as a release and gives us the ability to let go of what no longer serves us. The deep tones of its vibration cuts through blockages and any types of low frequency.

Receiving the vibrations of the gong is like taking a powerful sound bath. Sound waves that wash over and through us, releasing old blockages such as unprocessed emotions as well as deeply rooted traumas.

Each person's experience of the Gong is unique, and it also varies from time to time. Most often we come into deep relaxation where we can let go of our control and instead receive the healing vibrations needed at this moment in life. Other times, a gong bath can feel provocative, as it helps us to bring unsolved traumas to the surface so that those emotions can be processed. The experience greatly depends on how we feel in the moment of the gong bath. There is no right or wrong experience, the healing reaches regardless.

Singing Bowl Sound Journey

A Singing Bowl Sound Journey is a beautiful and elevating experience involving the listening to the sounds of Tibetan and crystal singing bowls. These soundscapes enters our subtle energy system and leads us into deep relaxation of the body and mind. A rest that we all long for and that gives us strength and renewed energy to face challenges we may go through. We become more balanced with the ability to tap into our neutral mind.

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