Buying crystals as a gift

Gifting crystals is a precious gesture. Whether you gift a crystal or a crystal kit, you might want to refer to this guide below. We cleanse and recharge all of our crystals before sending them, so they are ready do start their work as soon as they reach their new owner.



Use Your Intuition

Use your intuitive abilities to choose the right crystal. Its energy might be vibrating towards you. When you think of your beloved, you feel drawn to this crystal. You may experience a sensation in your heart center. This crystal might be the one your beloved need at this moment. 


By Intention

Each and every crystal carry intentions. Their purpose is to act as reminders of our own healing abilities and together with their healing properties achieve the desired goal, wish or manifestation. Choose your crystal based on intention - do you want the crystal to cleanse and protect around a space, to help heal the heart centre for someone who is going through a rough time. Do you wish the crystal to motivate and inspire. The possibilities are endless, so whichever crystal you may choose for your beloved will support them on their journey onwards. 


Healing Properties

By familiarizing with the crystals qualities and healing properties you can distinguish what your beloved might find helpful at this time of their life. The energies of the crystals are known for restoring, strengthen and balance our body, mind and soul, for bringing health, wisdom and courage to live life to the fullest, protect ourselves and the ones around us.

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