How to choose a pendulum

Often we are drawn to a particular pendulum, and when that happens we know that it is the right one! However, different materials and crystals have different properties and frequencies that influence and affect the results. Choosing a pendulum is quite intuitive and already here you can use your intuition. We also sometimes experience that the right pendulum chooses us.




You might have seen a pendulum that you feel drawn to, perhaps for no particular reason. If this is your case, most often the pendulum has called on you - a pendulum that might be most helpful to you at this specific time of your life. Without questioning the why, embrace it and allow yourself to be guided by your heart, that which exactly knows what you need at this moment. 


Pendulums are made using various materials which all have different frequency. Metals are said to ward off negative energy whereas wood is deeply connected to Earth and our Mother. However, pendulums made out of wood are oftentimes too lightweight to show a clear direction, which can result in a weak answer. Pendulums made of crystals and gemstones have individual healing properties. All of our pendulums are made of the finest 925 Sterling Silver.


Crystals are known for having exceptional healing benefits to us who use them. Quartz, for example, is known for transmitting, storing, absorbing and amplifying energy and is the reason why it is the most used crystal for healing. Choose your pendulum based on the individual healing properties of the crystal. We have chosen to work only with AAA Grade crystals to ensure the highest quality and pure frequency possible.

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