Every piece of jewelry is made by hand by our skilled craftsmen. It is our promise to offer the highest quality jewelry using only the finest materials and the highest vibrational crystals. We only use sterling silver and our golden jewelry has 18 carat gold plating.

The crystals we use are carefully chosen and hand picked by us during our travels around the world's magical places.


For us, it is important that every piece of jewelry is beautiful even in the smallest detail. Therefore, our design not only extends to the shape of the jewelry but we also manufacture our own unique locks, connecting rings and amulets. We want each piece of jewelry to shine in its own unique radiance and be beautiful all around.

Each piece is special and are made with utmost care and attention to detail, both in the front and back.


We infuse all our jewelry with healing energies, both through crystals and through words and action.

Every piece of our jewelry has a purpose, an intention and a power. We believe they carry the ability to find their owner through a connection much deeper than physical attraction. The jewelry vibrates you and so do you.

You may experience a new way of choosing products you purchase, for they are meant to serve you and your highest self.


Our Essential Soul Mists as well as Custom:aid Creation products are sustainable made using only organic and high quality ingredients.

Each crystal is ethically sourced and carefully selected by us.


We strive to offer not only quality products, but an experience that deeply resonates with your heart and your soul's longing, for love is the greatest of all.

Our symbols and their meaning