Our ceremony service are offered to you who wish to have a personal and non-religious ceremony. We have no particular connection to a religion or church, but believe in the Universe's unconditional love and the creative force. The important aspect of your ceremony is what you, yourself believe in. 

With our services, we invite you to ceremonies held in love, in joy and in gratitude - and everything in between that you as a client want to add. Below you can read about the ceremonies we offer - you can always contact us if you have a different or specific request than what you see here. For most ceremonies we meet beforehand to discuss and plan your event. Please note that we are not officiants in legal sense. 

The ceremonies are currently available in Stockholm, Sweden and in Mallorca, Spain. For all inquiries, prices and availability, please contact us karlek@sjalskarlek.se.

to honor life and its various stages is to affirm life

Wedding Ceremony  Renewal of Faith Funeral / Memorial



For many, marriage is one of the greatest events in life. An event that carries many expectations about the future and about life. 



Renewing your promises is a great way to cherish the great love of life and to invite continued love and friendship.



Is a funeral or a memorial service a farewell? Or more an end to something that has been and a welcome of a different kind of relationship?


Welcome / Name Giving Welcome the new house  Divorce - loving way



Welcoming a new family member does not always mean giving the child its name, although it usually does. Welcoming a child is one of the best things we can do, as is giving the child his/her name.



Welcoming a new home into life is a simple but significant ceremony where we set the intentions for the home's future. We always start with a house clearing and end with inviting new positive energies to contribute to the new phase of the home.



Honoring a relationship that has ended is one of the most beautiful things we can do. Sometimes we grow apart, and even with the best intentions, it does not always work. Enter a new phase of your relationship into a hopefully lifelong friendship.


Private Ceremonies

We also offer completely private sessions where we hold a healing ceremony regarding what you want to let go of and move on from and / or what you want to manifest into your life.


A farewell with a friend, family member, co-worker or other person you want to "let go of". We thank that person or persons for the lessons they have given you and thank their higher selves for the time you have had together. It does not matter if the person in question is not present, it may even be about a person who has left this earthly life.


Ask for forgiveness or to forgive. Forgiveness, whether it is about giving or receiving, is always a process that takes place on a higher level. Therefore, you both can give and receive forgiveness without the other person being present. It is also healing to do a forgiveness ceremony directed to oneself.


Set the intention for your dreams through an Intention Ceremony. With this ceremony, the manifestation of your dreams begins! Dream big, because anything is possible!


If you have other ceremonial requests, email us at karlek@sjalskarlek.se, so that we can discuss how to create a ceremony just for you.

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