Breathwalk comes from the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, and was developed about 25 years ago. It is a very simple method that supports recovery and balance and appeals to people who love to walk. Breathwalk is a yogic practice done by foot. It is a meditative walk that involves various breathing patterns that positively affect our body and mind.

During a breathwalk, we walk with a conscious presence and breathe with each step. Together with our steps and breath patterns, we add finger movements. Rhythmic finger movements stimulate the brain positively and with different breathing patterns, we can direct and control the energy. Practicing breathwalk is done outdoors, where we receive nature's own healing, giving us an extra effect.

Breathwalk improves overall wellness, circulation, hormone balance, heart rhythm, lung capacity and emotional balance. The combination of breath, walk and conscious awareness provides clarity and a calm. With breathwalk we open up the connection between our mind, feelings and the miracles of life.



A Breathwalk class takes about an hour. We start with a couple of standing yogic exercises to warm-up, and then scan the body to release tension and to correct the posture. Following the warm-up, our walk begins during which we breathe in intervals and alternate between different breathing techniques and normal breathing. The session ends with stretching exercises and a standing meditation.

Breathwalk classes are usually held in groups.
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