Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a deep relaxation during which you are guided to unwind and let your body come to a complete rest. During Yoga Nidra the body comes to a sleeping state, while the mind is still awake. The state in which one experience Yoga Nidra is of the same state one can feel just before falling asleep. Sometimes the mind do fall asleep during Yoga Nidra and that is all right and an indication that sleep was well needed.

Yoga Nidra is completely unpretentious and the idea is to let go and to be present in the now. There is research that shows that when we unwind, when we calm down and when we reduce the stress levels in our body, we assist the body towards its own self-healing processes. There are many benefits to Yoga Nidra. The method has been shown to help with stress and sleep difficulties. The technique can be found and used by psychologists and hypnotists in therapeutic treatment.

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