Handmade with the finest silver and gold, our jewelry is made to provide healing, light, love and peace to its wearer, connecting us to our higher selves, to the source and the pureness of our hearts. 

The designs, with ancient symbols, crystals and spiritual inscriptions, reminds of our deepest purpose, bringing inspiration and intention to us who carry them with knowing that Love is the greatest of all.

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Soul stories


Everything in this world and every element of the universe is in a constant state of vibration manifested to us through energetic frequency. Highly energetic objects, such as Nature's gifts in form of crystals and essential oils, raises the bodily frequency and help to elevate into the various levels of consciousness. Raise your frequency with the help of healing and powerful crystals, gemstone pendulums, and our very own essential soul mists.

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Custom:aid Creation

Personalized Crystal - and aromatherapy

With the help of Nature's own gifts in the form of crystals and essential oils, we create personalized crystal - and aromatherapy kits that balances, strengthens, and heals the bodies.

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