What is a pendulum

A pendulum is a small object, preferably with a little weight to it, with a chain attached. It is used as a tool to strengthen the connection with one's higher self and intuition.
Often the small object has a sharper lower part and can be made of different crystals, glass, various metals, wood etc. A pendulum is also an excellent tool to use in healing, chakra balancing and other intuition strengthening and wellness techniques.
Using a pendulum is a thousands of years old practice. 
Pendulums allow us to dwell beyond time and space, and in different dimensions. With a pendulum you are communicating directly with your higher self, which in turn establishes a contact with whom and what you wish.
With a pendulum one can seek contact and receive guidance from spirit guides, pets, plants and even objects, because everything has a vibration, frequency and consciousness. 
Our pendulums are made with AAA grade crystals set on a Sterling Silver chain. The chain has a Själs Kärlek amulet for easy finger placement when handling the pendulum. 

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