Buy mala bead as a gift

Gifting a mala to someone is a beautiful gesture but might be a little overwhelming not to mention when buying one for yourself. Not only will the mala be blessed by us, but by you as well. Your intention with your gift is important yet very sacred, and will make big difference for your beloved one.




What does your beloved need at this moment of their life? The purpose of malas are to act as reminders and to open oneself up for healing. The use of malas are helpful in overcoming fear or a trauma, find comfort and peace within as well as with the people around you, ignite creativity, a lust for life, find motivation or reach a goal. Malas carry intentions and whichever you feel like your beloved one needs at this time will support them on their journey.


Crystal are said to carry specific healing abilities. By familiarizing with its qualities and properties you can distinguish what your beloved might find helpful. Energies of crystals and gemstones and known for restoring, strengthen and balance our body, mind and soul.


Trust your intuition! Perhaps there is a mala that has caught your eye, its energies are vibrating towards you, the mala is calling on you. You may feel a particular sensation around your heart center. Know that you will choose the mala that is meant for your beloved.


Do you want your gift to be personal and unique? We offer, upon availability, custom made mala bead necklaces. Inquire with us!

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