How to cleanse and charge crystals

There are many ways in which we can cleanse and charge our crystals. Our crystals are always cleansed prior to sending them off, but you may still like to perform a cleansing ritual to welcome your new crystal home. Depending on where from you purchase your crystals, some might even hold energetic trauma from previous handling and you want to make sure that your new crystal is cleansed of all negativity before you place them in your home or begin working with it. There are several ways to cleanse and charge crystals.


Full Moon 

Placing crystals under the full moon is a very effective way of cleaning and charging crystals. Be careful with exceptionally high vibrational crystals as they can become super charged and prone to cracking or shattering within the first few days. You can maximize the cleansing and charging effect by placing your crystals in a grid. This way you will channel and harness the powerful lunar energy even more.


Most crystals enjoy a spring water or salt water bath. However, porous stones (such as raw or unpolished stones) or stones with high salt content (such as selenite) should not be immersed in liquid as they will start to erode or dissolve. Crystals can remain in their cleansing bath for a few hours up to a few days. 

Other Crystals

Some crystals have the ability to cleanse other crystals as they hold no negative energy. Clear Quartz and Citrine are example of effective crystals that can rid unwanted negative energy from other crystals.

Place the crystal you wish to cleanse on top of or next to a clear quartz or citrine on a natural piece of fabric or wood and leave for a few hours. Placing the crystals under the sun or moon will enhance and maximize the result.


How to cleanse and charge crystals


Place your crystal on a natural piece of fabric or hold it in your hands, visualize it being surrounded by white healing light. Imagine all darkness, fear, trauma and negativity leave the crystal and that the healing white light infusing the crystal with positive energy. Use a mantra or a positive affirmation while visualizing.


I release this crystal from all
negative or unwanted energy
that does not serve me,
and instead I invite
the power of the universal
white healing light.



Cleansing crystals through smudging is a quick and effective way. It is gentle on crystals and leaves an enjoyable aroma. Smudging is an ancient practice whereby smoke is used from burning aromatic leaves, grass, wood chips or sacred healing herbs, such as sweetgrass, eucalyptus, sage or palo santo. You can combine all of the above mentioned methods with smudging and may smudge several crystals at once.

Tip: To smudge several crystals at once, place them all inside a natural cloth/pouch or wicker basket/bowl. Hold your smudge stick underneath and let the smoke rise up through the crystals.


Crystals come from deep within the Earth and can be placed back there from time to time. Choose somewhere clean and peaceful with soft soil. Never bury crystals in sand or rocky earth as this may damage your crystal. Crystals can remain buried indefinitely.


Use a crystal pendulum to release unwanted energy and to recharge crystals. With intention and your subconsciousness mind, the pendulum circles in an anti-clockwise direction to release energy and circles in a clockwise direction to recharge. Always begin a cleansing to release the energy and thereafter recharge.

Refer to our Pendulum learning page for more information on how to use a crystal pendulum and our Pendulum Course coming soon.


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Now that you have cleansed your new crystal, we recommend a crystal attunement meditation. In addition to crystals holding generalized healing properties, each crystal has its own unique energy and spirit. Attuning to your crystal creates a harmonious relationship with yourself and your crystal. By spending time with your new crystal in a quiet state, such as in meditation, it is possible to attune to the unique attributes it holds and hear subtle messages it may have for you. The more time you spend with your crystal, the more sensitive you will become to its subtle energetic vibrations and the more efficient and powerful your healing journey together will become.

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