Within the mineral kingdom, there are many options of crystals and gemstones, some rarer than others,

some opaque and some translucent. Some are rough and others may be polished. Let us find you your crystals!


Visual Impact


Was your eye immediately drawn to a particular crystal? Do you like it for its visual appearance, its vibrant colors or mellow hues? As you look for your crystal, pay attention to what caught your eye in the first place. 


Energetic Feel


Use your inner eye to determine which crystals is meant for you and let yourself be guided by your heart. Use you inherent intuitive skills and trust your ability to choose the crystal that is right for you. Additional effective method of intuitively selecting the right crystal is to release yourself of all intentions and expectations of what you are looking for and simply allow a crystal to stand out to you. 


Healing Properties


In combination with the above mentioned ways of finding your perfect crystal match, you may wish to study the specific healing property each crystal carry. Many crystals are well known for their healing abilities, such as Rose Quartz, which is a highly accepted stone to attract and enhance love. But Rose Quartz is not only a romanticizing beauty stone, it is as effective in situation like forgiveness, which might be one of the hardest things we can do - to forgive.

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