Dog Transit Healing

Dog Transit Healing is a unique offering that was given to us by our late dog Sky, also known as Sky Lama.

Dog Transit Healing in other words means "healing for a dog in transit (from earthly life)". It is a healing service to assist not only dogs, but their owners as well, when their ill or old dog needs to cross over.

This healing service is given by me, Marina, together with Sky. Our collaboration means that we work across dimensions. 

Sky is on the other side and descends to support and liberate the eternal dog soul in order to make the transition as simple and undramatic as possible. At this stage, we have chosen to only take on dogs, because of the assignment I received from Sky (you can read more about Sky and his assignment below).

Further down you can read about what this service is about. I offer this service voluntarily (free of charge) and it is subject to time and availability (travel expenses and possible parking may be additional). This service is at this moment only offered in Stockholm and surrounding areas and in Mallorca, Spain. Inquire with us to learn more and to schedule a call to discuss how we can help you and your dog's transit from this earthly life.

the kingdom of heaven is not a place but a state of mind

For all inquiries and bookings, contact me at or inquire below. Before you finally decide, we will speak on the phone and discuss the various options available.

About Sky Lama

It was an August morning in 2014 when I scrolled through my Facebook feed and saw a video that caught my interest.

The video was filmed by the organization FAFP, which I follow and support. The video showcased that they had received a tip about a lost little dog out in a field of rural Hungary, and how they managed to locate and attract it.

The little dog was bare bones and completely emaciated. It pulled its back body behind and one of the front legs was broken and had grown together incorrectly. At the time the film was uploaded, the dog had already spent a couple of days at the veterinary where his chances of being able to live were under examination. And after all sorts of tests and X-rays, it was found that the little dog did not need to be euthanized. Now, the FAPF organization was looking for a new home for him.

Immediately after I saw and read the Facebook post, I knew that it was we who would offer Sky our home. And after some time in quarantine, I took the flight down to Budapest to pick him up. I will never forget the sight of him when he met me at the airport, it was mutual and immediate love at first sight!

The years went by, Sky was and remained an ill dog. No veterinarian could determine with certainty where he got his injuries from, only that he did not suffer from them.

His back of the body and hind legs were out of balance so he could only lean on his front legs, especially on his left, as his right side was broken and outgrown. Sky's stomach was sensitive and he could only eat certain types of food. It took us a while to understand why he refused to eat from the food bowl, we had to put the food on a thin cutting board on the floor. He preferred to drink water during our walks in pools of water and drafts he could find, but at home he learnt to drink from a small glass bowl. We soon realized that he probably lived in the wild for a long time. Maybe his whole life? His teeth were in poor condition and over the years we had to pull most of them out.

Sky got his "last name" Lama one day when he was with me at Själs Kärlek, our former store and sanctuary in Old Town, Stockholm.

There was one morning in the store and we had just sold a pair of beautiful earrings to a customer when the customer suffered heart muscle cramps.

This story is in itself one of the many miracles that occurred at Själs Kärlek, but I will not tell you here about it in such detail, other than for you who wonder, that of course we wanted to call for an ambulance. The customer was persistent, "No," she said, "this is not about my physical heart, but about my spiritual heart. I know exactly what this is. Can I rest for a while inside your inner room?”. With a glass of water and with Sky lying next to her, we left her alone for her healing. Eventually she came out and told us that she had healed an old mental wound. Yes, she was completely euphoric! And the one who helped through the healing process was Sky!! The customer then told us that she is an animal communicator and that Sky was not an ordinary dog. "Sky is a real Lama" she bursted enthusiastically, "he is a real healing dog!". After this day, Sky was given his second name Sky Lama.

Then came the day when Sky wanted to leave earthly life. We had noticed that he coughed sometimes, not much, but we thought he probably had a cold. The night of midsummer eve, Sky sat up in bed and gasped for air. The attack lasted only a few minutes but was very unpleasant. The next day I sat down to meditate and contacted Sky's higher self to ask him how he was doing. "My time here on earth is coming to an end," he said. "I've got bronchitis and it's time for me to fall asleep. I have new assignments that call on the other side ”. With great sadness in my heart, I understood that it was inevitably time to schedule an appointment.

Sky fell asleep at Ett Värdigt Slut in Stockholm on a beautiful summer day at the end of June.

On the way there, only a couple of hours before he would fall asleep, he was lying in the back seat of our car and I sat next to him, giving him healing.

Of course the tears came falling down my cheeks. Then Sky contacts me. Read  our conversation below.


Sky: Do not be sad, I'm not going anywhere.

Me: I know… but will miss your physical self anyway.

Sky: My mission here is over now.

Me: Ok, what mission?

Sky: To teach me how to live like an ill dog.

Me: Oh, that was a big assignment. How were you injured?

Sky: I will not tell you, but it has been very instructive.

Me: Ok, I understand. Why did you have to learn to live like an ill dog?

Sky: So that I can help other ill and/or old dogs over to the other side. Now that I, myself, have been both ill and have grown old, I better understand how it feels and how I can help in a transition.

Me: So lovely Sky! You are and will be a Master of it.

Sky: And you will help me!

Me: I, help you? What can I do?

Sky: You have to help the pet parents to let go. It is needed for the dog's sake.

Me: Ok, but how's that going to happen?

Sky: You offer to be part of the transition and I will be there to receive the eternal dog soul.

Me: Ok, but how do I manage this?

Sky: No stress, it will happen when you are ready.

In other dimensions, time does not exist.

Me: Ok, of course we'll do this. But why only dogs? What about cats, birds, guinea pigs, etc.? They are also pets.

Sky: Only dogs, because that's what I've been training for.

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