what do our symbols mean?

logos carry several significant symbols that together form the foundation of our brand.
Learn about their meanings and symbolism


The alchemist symbol for the element earth adorns the top of our logo. For us, it has several meanings. We humbly bow to Mother Earth, the planet we share with all other life. We have given her the gift of manifesting what we have come here to evolve in. The element of Earth supports grounding and reminds us to feel at home within and in community with each other


The moon to the left relates to intuition and the feminine energy with its soothing and calming qualities. Sterling silver, as we use in our jewelry, vibrates at the same frequency as the moon. The energy that affirms our ability to listen inward is said to increase our awareness.  



The symbol of the sun on the right side relates to the element of gold. The sun and the gold symbolizes strength and power, health and prosperity, and our capacity for creation and manifestation.



At the bottom of our logo, we have placed the symbol for copper, which share the same symbol as the planet venus. The energies of venus and copper are said to strengthen the bond between us humans and all other life. Venus is often referred to as the sister or twin to earth. Venus vibrates in complete love, balance and harmony. In other words, exactly what we want to convey with Soul Stories.

Here to observe, learn and grow to serve in love and peace to live my truth and to follow the light within