Gifting a pendulum to someone is a beautiful gesture that will certainly add to their healing journey. Not only will the pendulum be blessed by us, but by you as well. Your intention with your gift is important yet very sacred, and will make a big difference for your beloved one. Let us guide you to buying a pendulum as a gift.




What does your beloved need or is going through at this moment of their life? The purpose of a pendulum is to open up the gateway of healing. The use of pendulums are helpful in receiving guidance and answers to our questions and desires. Our pendulums carry intentions and whichever you feel like your beloved one needs at this time will support them on their journey.





Use your inherent intuition when choosing what pendulum to give. It can be the act of tuning in to your beloved through meditation where the pendulum may reveal itself to you. Sometimes we experience the feeling of "this pendulum is so [insert name], and that is your intuition guiding you. Whichever one you choose, know that it is the right one for your beloved. You may also use your personal pendulum to ask which one to buy.






By familiarizing with the pendulum's qualities and properties you can distinguish what your beloved might find helpful. Energies of crystals and gemstones and known for restoring, strengthening and balancing our body, mind and soul.