Själs Kärlek

Walk On Water Necklace


The phrase "walking on water" is often used as an example of performing an impossible task. The miraculous task is described in many religions, in Buddhist texts, in the Huang-Po story, the story of Orion, the Aeneid, and in some Native American myths. Perhaps the most famous one in the Western world is when Jesus walks on water, described in the New Testament.

Walk on Water Necklace has two long narrow silver plates. The first one has the engraving "walk on water" and the second carries our raven with its wings spread out. The rest of that plate can be engraved in its own message.

In the clasp, we put a small pear-shaped labradorite. The Labradorite is said to support its wearer to inner clarity about who "I" is, what "I" want in life, and what favorable changes and opportunities "I" are facing right now.

With Walk on Water Necklace, we want to remind you that we all have an inherent power to perform miracles and that there are no impossible tasks or situations.

  • Necklace Length: adjustable in 58 and 64 cm
  • Size of plated 6 x 6 mm
  • Crystal: Labradorite 
  • Inscription: Walk on Water
  • Sterling Silver (Silver)

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