Själs Kärlek

Raw Miracles Ring in Super Seven Size 8


The Raw Miracles Rings are each completely unique, as no crystal is the other alike. This ring carry a large sized Super Seven crystal.

Super Seven is a spiritual powerhouse with soothing and nurturing qualities, balancing and purifying all chakras and the auric body. It bring physical, intellectual and spiritual healing and helps bring the soul back into communication with the divine. Super Seven reminds us that we too are part of a greater whole, shifting the vibratory level of the planet.

  • Crystal: Super Seven
  • Ring: Sterling Silver
  • Inscription: Själs Kärlek - means Soul's Love in Swedish

The Raw Miracle Ring is very delicate and therefore needs to be handle carefully. Note that due to the fragile stone we cannot offer guarantee on the raw crystal other than the ring itself. We recommend wearing the ring in stillness such as during meditation.


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