Själs Kärlek

October Birthstone Ring in Pink Opal


The birthstone for October is Pink Opal. Pink Opal, the stone of spiritual awakening, is a powerful crystal and works gently with our heart. It activates the heart chakra and imbues one’s aura with calming, tranquil vibrations. It provides deep insights and strengthens our connection to our inner selves. It assists in self-healing and rejuvenate the emotional body and the aura.

In astrology, we look at what month you were born in and how the stars are in relation to each other. Wearing your birthstone is said to strengthen the connection between you and the energy around this event.

The tradition of carrying birthstones has long existed and occurs in a variety of traditions. Depending on the tradition, the stone that represents a month can vary and some months have several stones to choose from.

  • Birthstone: October
  • Crystal: Pink Opal
  • Sterling Silver (Silver)
  • 18K Gold Plated Silver (Gold)

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