Själs Kärlek

Meaning Of Love - Kärleken Är Störst Av Allt


Meaning of Love reminds that we are here to give and receive love. Unconditionally. When we realize that love is greatest of all, everything else loses its meaning. That insight opens your heart chakra and helps to love yourself and others. Without conditions and requirements. Just so. Realizing that love is greatest of all is enough, it is perfect in itself.

To the left of the inscription we have put a small Clear Quartz which has the ability to store, amplify, focus, heal, transfer, transform and balance energies. It is a link between the healing energy of the universe and all beings on earth. It opens up for the good, helps its wearer to receive the guidance of the universe and its healing.

In the clasp we put a small pear-shaped moonstone to help us open up to the female energy. The moonstone attracts love, strengthens relationships and provides balance and harmony.

  • Bracelets Length: adjustable in 16,5 and 18 cm
  • Crystal: Clear Quartz & Moonstone
  • Inscription: Kärleken Är Störst Av Allt (Love is the greatest of All)
  • Sterling Silver (Silver)
  • 18K Gold Plated (Gold)

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