Själs Kärlek

Manipura Chakra Finder in Citrine


Manipura Chakra, also known as Solar Plexus Charka, is located just below the navel. This chakra is our center of power and relates to the element of fire and our ability to set goals, make decisions, and carry out our plans. The Solar Plexus Charka stands for identity, for self-confidence, energy, power and will. A strong Solar Plexus Charka makes you fearless, gives you confidence and the ability to inspire other people. The body parts associated with this chakra are the digestive system, the bile, the liver and the spleen.

There are a number of crystals that are related to each chakra. The energies of these crystals have a positive effect on the chakra and may help an unbalanced chakra regain its balance. The crystal we have chosen to use for the Solar Plexus Chakra is the Citrine.

A powerful cleanser and regenerator carrying the energies of the sun, Citrine is an exceptional stone for abundance, light, inspiration and creativity, attracting wealth, prosperity and success. It absorbs, transmutes, and grounds negative energy. It promotes self-esteem and self-confidence, bringing inner strength.

  • Crystal: Citrine
  • Size of Pendant: ca 2 x 1,3 cm
  • Sterling Silver (Silver)
  • 18K Gold Plated Silver (Gold)

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