Själs Kärlek

Mala Kiran Bead Necklace in Red Agate and Garnet


Malas has been used for thousands of years in the traditions of Buddhism, Hinduism, yoga, in prayer and meditation. A mala is traditionally made of 108 stones or crystals, and is used in repetition of a positive affirmation or a mantra along each stone for a more calming, balanced and spiritual state. The Mala Kiran Bead Necklace is half the size of a traditional Mala with its 54 beads.

Red Agate is a protective stone and shields its wearer from negative energies. With its calming effect in the sacral chakra its aid in getting rid of fears and anxiety. Red Agate facilitates physical energy, strength, courage, determination and success. 

Garnet revitalize, purifies and balance the chakras, inspires devotion and passion. Garnet balances sex drive and adds potency, strengthens survival instincts, bringing hope and courage. It activates the metabolism and enhances kundalini energy. Resonating with the pituitary gland, Garnet stimulates past life recollection and expanded awareness.

  • Necklace length: adjustable in 6 1/2 - 18"
  • Guru Bead + tassel 1 3/4"
  • Bead count: 54
  • Crystal: Red Agate, Garnet
  • Sterling Silver
  • Mala pouch included

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