Själs Kärlek

Mala Guru Bead Necklace in Labradorite, Moonstone, Garnet


Malas has been used for thousands of years in the traditions of Buddhism, Hinduism, yoga, in prayer and meditation. A mala is traditionally made of 108 stones or crystals, and is used in repetition of a positive affirmation or a mantra along each stone for a more calming, balanced and spiritual state.

Labradorite is the stone of transformation. It raises the consciousness offering a view into universal truth and wisdom. It strengthens the intuition and balances rationality with inner sight.

Moonstone is a stone for new beginnings. It stimulates inner growth and strength. Connected with the moon, it reminds us that everything is part of a cycle of change.

Garnet revitalize, purifies and balance the chakras, inspires devotion and passion. Garnet balances sex drive and adds potency, strengthens survival instincts, bringing hope and courage. Garnet stimulates past life recollection and expanded awareness.

  • Bead count: 108
  • Crystal: Labradorite, Moonstone, Garnet
  • Sterling Silver
  • Mala pouch included

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