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Mala Bead Bracelet in Carnelian, Red Coral, Fire Agate, White Agate


Malas has been used for thousands of years in the traditions of Buddhism, Hinduism, yoga, in prayer and meditation. A mala is traditionally made of 108 stones or crystals, and is used in repetition of a positive affirmation or a mantra along each stone for a more calming, balanced and spiritual state. The Mala Bead Bracelet is the smallest version of a Mala with its 27 beads.

Carnelian is a stabilizing stone with great protective powers known for restoring vitality, stimulating creativity and motivation. It provides courage and success, and helps in trusting oneself.

White Agate is a grounding and stabilizing stone helping in balancing yin and yang. It is a soothes and brings harmony within, while promoting strength and courage.

Fire Agate with its grounding energies has calming effects and with its connection to earth, brings security and safety.

Red Coral absorbs negativity and is said to invoke passion, spontaneity and enthusiasm. It encourages openness and happiness, and supports motivation, ambitions and goals.

  • Bead count: 27
  • Crystal: Carnelian, White Agate, Fire Agate, Red Coral
  • Sterling Silver

Please note that this bracelet is in a large size due to its bead count. We recommend you to use this mala in meditation as an alternative to our Mala Guru Necklace (108 beads). Fits larger size wrist or may be worn as an anklet. Decorate your alter with this mala alongside your favorite crystals. For standard size bead bracelets, see our Bandhu Bracelets.


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