Själs Kärlek

Magic Necklace


Magic Necklace is collaboration with Kajsa Ingemarsson and her book Den Magiska Gnistan.

You carry the magic spark within you. Your ability to create the life you long for and dream of is as limitless as you. Trust that ability, and let life take the shape your heart desires.

The amethyst is intuitive and clear-sighted, it calms and balances, it helps you make decisions that lead you along the path of the heart. The hands that hold it symbolize your creative power, and your ability to highlight the best within you.
There is a creation that seems to be written in the stars long before man gets the idea.

Magic, Mystery and Love are three necklaces of silver and precious stones, carrying all the magic and power that emerged in the meeting between Själs Kärlek and the author Kajsa Ingemarsson. In their joint search for new expressions, the three necklaces found their form, each of them linked to one of the books in Kajsa's pioneering trilogy about human's hidden potential: Den Magiska Gnistan, Modern Mystik and Hjärtats Väg.

  • Necklace Length: adjustable in 65, 71 and 77 cm
  • Crystal: Amethyst
  • Size of Pendant: ca 1,6 cm  

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