Själs Kärlek

I-Ching 61 Necklace


I Ching sign No. 61 stands for truth. I Ching No. 61 is engraved on the pendant's front and "Sanning - det här är kraften hos ett fritt hjärta, utan fördomar och tvivel. It is Swedish and means "Truth - this is the power of a free heart, without prejudice and doubt".

I Ching comes from the Book of Transformations, a philosophical work in Taoism and Confucianism. The Book of Transformations is the oldest work in classical Chinese literature and has played a major role throughout East Asia. The book, which has been compiled and changed for several centuries, has been given its current design in the 200s BC. I Ching describes several key concepts in Chinese philosophy, including yin and yang for the first time. The book has been used and is still used as an oracle. With coins or rolling stalks, you receive random combinations of lines that together form a hexagram. The 64 different hexagrams are described in the book and have been used in many contexts. Many religions and philosophies of life have taken their authority from I Ching, including Feng Shui.

With our necklace I CHING 61 we want to remind you to live your life from your heart. Use the necklace as a powerful affirmation.

  • Necklace Length: adjustable in 50 and 55 cm
  • Symbol: I Ching 61
  • Inscription: Sanning - det här är kraften hos ett fritt hjärta, utan fördomar och tvivel
  • Size of Pendant: 2,5 x 2 cm
  • Sterling Silver (Silver)
  • 18K Gold Plated Silver (Gold)
  • Ruthenium Silver Black

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