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Deetya Pendulum in Cacoxenite


Deetya is Sanskrit and means "answer to prayers", and with the help of pendulums we can in fact receive answers to our prayers. Pendulums not only gives us answers, but is useful for cleansing and balancing energies. Pendulums allows us to dwell beyond space and time, and in different dimensions.

Cacoxenite is known as the stone of ascension. It has the ability to heighten spiritual awareness and provides a connection with the ethereal and the universe as well as assisting in planetary alignment and spiritual evolution. Cacoxenite encourages one to see the positive, beneficial and constructive forces in all situations. It opens the mind to new ideas and harmonizes with the higher Self. Cacoxenite is an excellent stone in full and new moon rituals.

  • Pendulum length: 7"
  • Crystal: AAA-grade Cacoxenite
  • Sterling Silver

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