Själs Kärlek

Chakra Studs in Aquamarine


Our physical body and our subtle bodies vibrate in different frequencies that constantly and naturally seek to calibrate in balance. When we are imbalanced or dominant in a chakra, we can use crystals to help a specific chakra regain its balance. Crystals have the ability to store, direct and transmit energies and their vibrations support our bodies to restore balance and harmony. Aquamarine relates to our Third Eye Chakra and Throat Chakra.

Aquamarine is a calming and soothing stone that reduces stress and quiet the mind. It shields the aura and aligns the chakras while sharpens the intellect and intuition, bringing clarity to confusion. An excellent stone for meditation, Aquamarine invokes higher states of consciousness helping us to understand underlying emotional states.

  • Crystal: Aquamarine
  • Sterling Silver (Silver)
  • 18K Gold Plated Silver (Gold)

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