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December Birthstone Earrings in Blue Topaz


The birthstone for December is Blue Topaz. Blue Topaz resonates with Third Eye and Throat Chakra and is an excellent stone in meditation and attuning to the higher self. It assists you to live according to your aspirations and views. Blue Topaz is a stone of truth and wisdom and helps you see your life as you have been living it and recognizing from where you have strayed from your own truth.

In astrology, we look at what month you were born in and how the stars are in relation to each other. Wearing your birthstone is said to strengthen the connection between you and the energy around this event.

The tradition of carrying birthstones has long existed and occurs in a variety of traditions. Depending on the tradition, the stone that represents a month can vary and some months have several stones to choose from.

  • Birthstone: December
  • Crystal: Blue Topaz
  • Size: 0,7 cm in diameter
  • Sterling Silver (Silver)
  • 18K Gold Plated Silver (Gold)

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