A traditional Mala Bead consists of 108 beads, not counting the Guru Bead.

There are many meanings as to why the number 108, and it appears throughout

various texts and traditions, like in the Bhagvad Gita and in the Upanishads.

1 stands for God, or the Higher Self, 0 for spiritual completeness and 8 the Infinity.

By adding the number together we get 9, which represents Brahma (the creator).


More reasons as to why the number 108




In addition to our three main energy channels; Ida, Pingala and Sushumna, it is said to be 108 energy channels leading up to our Heart Chakra. 





The holy symbol of Shri Yantra consists of 54 intersecting lines, a masculine (Shiva) and a feminine (Shakti). By multiplying the two, we get 108.





The number also connects the Sun, Moon and Earth, and the average distance between the Sun and the Moon to Earth are 108 time their respectively diameter. There is also a considerably large connection between constellations and planets within Astrology that add up to 108.





In Ayurveda there are considered to be 108 Marmas, sacred places, within the human body.




Lastly, silver is known for relating to Chandra (Moon in Sanskrit), and its autonomic weight is 108 u (unit of mass). That is why we use only the finest Silver in our Malas.