We are committed to bring deep healing to the collective consciousness, allowing people to raise their vibrations, bring balance to the body and mind and activate the soul connection.


This Crystal Healing is a healing modality developed by Diana Bomeny, and involves treating a person’s energetic field within the body. A Crystal Healing session involves using crystals, gemstones and various sounds as tools to bring about wellness and balance to the body, mind and soul.


In a Crystal Healing session, we activate and direct the energy of crystals, which works gently with the energy field, to help bring healing on all levels of being; emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. Using hands, wands and pendulums, we guide the energy around the body, clearing blockages, bringing old trauma to the surface and instilling a sense of tranquility, balance and alignment within. 


In a crystal healing session, crystals are intuitively chosen and gridded around the body so the healing may reach where it is needed. We work with the ten main chakras, including Earth Star, Higher Crown and Sacred Soul Chakra. During a healing session the client will receive a complete cleanse and recharge of the body. Blockages will clear up and imbalances will reconstruct into balance and centering. 

The Soul Chakra

The Soul Chakra is the chakra of the soul, and the point within our suble energy system where the body unites with the soul. This chakra is also called the Higher Heart Chakra and is located between the Heart Chakra and the Throat Chakra, in the area of the collarbone.

The seat of this soul is the "window" into which the soul descends into the physical body, and our ability to be in touch with the soul.  The harmonious frequencies from the divine are directly related to how open this window is. Within the Soul Chakra lies the knowledge of our soul contract and the purpose of our lives. From here, the soul communicates its desires for the future and tells us what needs to change in order for us to live in accordance with what we have come here to learn and develop in.


The purpose of awakening and activating this center is to maintain a strong contact and sensitivity of the soul to blockages in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. When these blockages are made conscious, our own inherent healing power is released.
The healing itself is a wonderful experience, where you come deeply into yourself, and where you are given the opportunity to both let go and replenish with love and vitality. It opens up for your soul's love and the message it has for you.

What is Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing (or Crystal Therapy) is the practice of using crystals therapeutically, to bring about healing and to

enhance wellness. Crystal Healing works on all levels of being, including our physical, emotional, mental and emotional body. A Crystal Healing session involves treating a person’s energetic body, by placing crystals and gemstones at specific energy points on the body. Using gentle movement, hand placement, crystal wands and pendulums, we can activate and direct energy of the crystals. While guiding the energy through the different bodies, healing may reach where needed, and may also assist in clearing blockages, brining old trauma to the surface, while also instilling a

sense of tranquility, balance and alignment within.

Using Crystals On The Body

Our body contain an enormous amounts of energy, with a frequency that keeps changing.

Our bodily frequency or vibration is dependent on many factors, such as health, stress, mood and the environment

we live in. At all times, our body naturally seek balance, to restore and regain its own frequency. By nature, we tend to draw in and allow our bodily frequency to mingle with the surrounding environment, which can heavily influence our wellbeing. In contrast to our changing vibrations, a crystal’s frequency is always constant, due to its fixed geometrical cell structure. When placing crystals on the body, the strong and constant vibration of the stone can draw out the erratic or weakened vibration in the body and raise it into its own unique and steady rhythm. In other words, the crystals’s energy will raise the vibration of the body to the frequency of the crystal. This is where we allow the healing to take place. By working with this energetic science and combining it with the healing attributes of individual stones, we can achieve profound results.

A Unique Healing Modality

Diana Bomeny is a certified advanced Crystal Healing Therapist and has developed a unique healing modality, which brings together healing techniques and principles found in traditional crystal healing and chakra balancing, in combination with intuitive skills and higher guidance, for a completely holistic yet transformational healing experience. The healing results, achieved by treating multi-dimensionally, in respect to our physical, spiritual,

mental and emotional bodies are profound.

What Are Crystals

Crystals (or gemstones) are crystalline rocks sourced from Earth. Crystals carry information and vibrates at measurable frequencies. Crystals communicate their intentions to assist with dynamic shifts of awareness, creating a transformational change for the Earth and all who live upon it.


Crystals are widely known for having personal healing properties and can facilitate multidimensional journeying. Crystals can be found all over the world in colorful diversity and forms. Each crystal is unique as none are the other alike. Crystals and their chemical composition are identified by their structure and mineral content.


Formed million years and more ago, all crystals are made up of a limited number of minerals that bond together to create various kinds. Whatever shape or color the crystal forms, their crystalline structure can absorb, conserve, focus and emit energy.

The Chakras

Crystal Healing works harmoniously alongside our Chakra System. Chakra comes from the ancient Indian Sanskrit language and literally means ‘wheel’. It is widely accepted that the body holds certain high-vibrational energy points, which are essentially spinning vortexes of Prana, (life force). It is believed that these energy centers are directly linked to our wellbeing. It is commonly described that a chakra may be blocked as a result of low frequency. When this occurs, a person may experience physical symptoms which have then manifested in an area of the body. For example, a blocked throat chakra may manifest as a sore throat in the physical body.

The Experience

A Crystal Healing Session is a fantastic experience, not to mention how relaxing and rejuvenating it is. It is common to feel the energy within the body move, both as a release and relief. Clients have mentioned seeing colors flashing before their inner eye or the feeling as if they were floating above the healing bed. Clients have reported feeling blissful, light and energized after they leave the session.


Sensations one may experience during and after the experience is; old memories and traumas resurface and processed, unexpected emotions and sudden mood changes, images appearing as fragments, intense dreams, dizziness, increased thirst, fatigue, hot flashes and detoxification. None of this is dangerous, nor uncommon. Other sensations are euphoria, happiness, the feeling of oneness, ease, the feeling of “floating on clouds”.


There is need to try to understand this process or these sensations, but to merely accept them, by letting everything that comes through come, allowing that deep connection to emerge. The sensations are usually most evident on the day of the treatment and a few hours after. However, it may also take up to a few days until these sensations pass.


The healing is just as effective and efficient, if nothing was particular was felt. Not experiencing anything during or after a session is also considered an “experience”, a practice of trust that everything is exactly as it should be.

The Benefits of Crystal Healing

The healing will open up the connection between your soul and your true Self. The window has opened up, and will open itself up more, and as a result of this crystal healing you may experience an immediate or increased connection to your soul. The purpose of setting aside time for yourself after the session is to honor and preserve this connection and to strengthen it. To meditate or sit in stillness after the treatment will give you the opportunity to do so. Once you have strengthened the connection to your soul, you may soon hear its voice clearer.


The long-term benefits of crystal healing are:


• You will feel stronger and safer within yourself, and it becomes easier to set boundaries outwards.


• Your connection with your soul increases and you get clearer insights about your life’s purpose.


• Your ability to love yourself, to forgive yourself and honoring yourself will increase – and thus you will also find it easier to love, forgive and honor others.


In summary, you may feel more balanced and centered with increased ability to live in the present moment and with clear visions of your soul’s true self and its desire. At Soul Stories we are committed to bring deep healing to the collective consciousness, allowing people to raise their vibrations, bring balance to the body and mind and activate the soul connection.

How To Schedule A Crystal Healing Session

Crystal Healing Sessions are currently held in-person in Miami, FL. Distance Crystal Healing Sessions are available upon request. Scheduling of a crystal healing session with Diana Bomeny may be done through our website at or by emailing Appointments are also accepted through the booking

link below or through WhatsApp (305) 317-2431. Once you have scheduled an appointment,

you will receive a confirmation along with more detailed information.