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Shri Yantra Necklace


“Yantra” is Sanskrit and consists of two parts: “Yan” which means form, and “tra” which means liberate. Yantras are geometric symbols and its purpose is to give peace of mind and serenity.

A Yantra is a micro-aspect of a macro-cosmos. It is often used during meditations to help the mind focus and connect to deeper insights, to experience a non-dualistic dimension and connect to the creative force.

Shri Yantra is considered to be the most sacred geometric symbol. In India, it is symbolizes goddess Lakshmi, the consort of the god Vishnu. Shri Yantra consists of nine interlocking triangles, mystically drawn, one with the other. The four triangles pointing upwards and the five pointing downwards are intertwined and together create 43 smaller triangles.

On the edge of the pendant we have engraved the mantra

“Om, Shrim Hreem (the cosmic sound vibrations) Shrim Kamale Kamalalaye (one from the lotus flower) Praseed, Praseed (with contentment) Shrim, Hreem Shrim Om Mahalaxmi Namah” (Goddess Mahalakshmi, I bow to you)

The Shri Yantra mantra is a tribute to Mahalakshmi, the hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity, material and spiritual, beauty and fortune. It is believed that if reciting the mantra 108 times daily your economic worries will vanish.

Mahalakshmi is also known to preside over 16 forms of worldly wealth: Fame, knowledge, courage, strength, victory, bravery, gold and precious stones, abundant grains, happiness, bliss, intelligence, beauty, higher purposes, expanded consciousness, morality, good health and a long life.

  • Necklace length: adjustable in 85 - 95 cm
  • Size of symbol: 4,5 cm
  • Symbol: Shri Yantra
  • Sterling Silver (Silver)

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