Custom:aid Creation

Base Kit

The Base Kit contains three selected crystals (size varies between 2-4 cm) + one aroma product (30 ml). You will also receive a statement regarding your main imbalance and how to use your crystals and aroma product to their full benefit. 
  • 3 tumbled crystals
  • Crystal Pouch 
  • Aroma product 
  • Information Sheet (How to use your kit)
  • Meditation (via Mp3 ljudfil)

How this works:

  1. Purchase your desired kit (the Base Kit or the Large Kit). When the purchase is completed, you will receive a questionnaire via the email you provided at checkout.
  2. When you have finished answering the questions, email us back the form.
  3. We will then analyze your answers and intuitively recognize your imbalances. Turnaround times may vary. 
  4. As soon as we are ready with your Creation, we will send your order containing your crystals and aroma products, as well as a brief statement of the imbalances and instructions on how to use your high vibrational crystals we have chosen and the aroma products we have created for you personally.

*Please note that this service and its products does not substitute medical care.

Do you wish to purchase a refill, contact us at

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