Soul Stories

Aqua Aura Towers


Aqua Aura Quartz, also known as Angel Aura Quartz, is an activator of soul energy. It stimulates channeling and self-expression, deepening spiritual attunement and communication. Activating the chakras, Aqua Aura resonates with the throat chakra to encourage communication from the heart. It has the ability to releases one from limitations and instead generates space for something new. Use Aqua Aura for profound peace during meditation or in conjunction with other crystals, as it enhances healing properties of them.

  • Crystal: Aqua Aura
  • Size: 1.5" (mini), 2.5" (x-small), 3.5" (small)

Size and shape vary slightly

Please note that this is a natural product, sometimes crystals have small imperfections and blemishes.


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