What is Själs Kärlek


Within each and one of us there is a subtle, yet powerful, frequency vibrating at a very precise wavelength. An energy that we are all made of, connected to, and eternally bonded with. That of which makes up our essence beyond time and space. It is the origin of the unmanifested and manifested creative force which flows in and through us ever so presently.


It is not magic but something magical to live from and out of this source of energy. With a strong inherent drive to constantly be expressed, its desires are complete and synchronized with our full potential. In fact, without it, we would not exist. It is a foundation from which all creation emerges from, the planet and the entire universe. This creative expansion is expressed through our innermost and most subtle voice, the fine print of who we are, where we came from and where we belong to. 


Själs Kärlek are the manifested words of this source of energy. Although these two words are in Swedish,

the mother tongue of Marina and Diana, the founders of Själs Kärlek, we are all connected to these words. That which is your purest essence is Själ [Soul]. The depth of yourself is measured in Kärlek [Love].

Själs Kärlek is the deepest love of the soul one can ever imagine. It acts as a mantra of absolute love and the principle of your entire existence. 


You do not need a translation for you know in your heart exactly what it means to you. There are never enough words to communicate such a level of love, for it is not me to tell you what it means, it is for you to experience the totality of it, of your Själs Kärlek.


It all started in 2012 in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Själs Kärlek came to us through channeling during a visit to the high mountains of Brazil. Then and there, it manifested itself to us, through soulful and intentional jewelry made with deeper meaning and purpose.

An enormous amount of information came through, such as names, symbols, meanings, imagery, logos and artwork. Flooded with an abundance of this creative force, Själs Kärlek was born.


As the years passed, it gave us additional assignments. Själs Kärlek gave us Soul Stories and Custom:aid Creation, through which we conduit the healing energy of Earth in the form of crystals and herbs, offering high-frequency healing services through yoga, meditation, crystal healing, sound healing, ceremonies and more.

About The Founders